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The Theresa Foundation Pooled Income Trust

The Theresa Foundation Pooled Income Trust of New York is a special type of trust that allows a beneficiary of any age to become financially eligible for public assistance benefits, such as Medicaid home care, while preserving their monthly income in trust for living expenses and supplemental needs.

The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc. (The Center) is the trustee that administers The Theresa Pooled Trust (Trust) along with Key Bank as Co-Trustee.

Upon the beneficiary’s demise, any remaining trust funds must be used to reimburse the state of New York for all medical benefits provided by the beneficiary, unless the funds are utilized for people with disabilities. With these funds, the Theresa Foundation and The Center have partnered to provide comprehensive services to the entire community of people with disabilities in New York and around the country.

For more information on Pooled Trusts please visit The Pooled Trust FAQ Page.

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