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The Theresa Foundation Community Trust

The Theresa Foundation Community Trust (TFCT) is a Third-Party Special Needs Trust that is set up by any individual other than the Trust Beneficiary. The TFCT is funded with the assets of a Third-Party Beneficiary (and not the beneficiary’s assets). The assets are placed in a segregated sub-account which are pooled together for management and investment purposes. The primary purpose and objective of the TFCT is to assist families in providing for the future needs of a physically, emotionally, or developmentally disabled family member while simultaneously protecting that person’s means-tested benefits such as Supplement Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.

Upon the demise of the beneficiary, any remaining trust funds can benefit others (such as family members) and charities.

The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc. (The Center) is the trustee that administers The Theresa Foundation Community Trust along with Key Bank as Co-Trustee.

For more information on Pooled Trusts please visit The Pooled Trust FAQ Page.

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