The Theresa Foundation Pooled Trusts

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The Theresa Pooled Trust

The Theresa Pooled Trust was established in April of 2011 to help seniors and people with disabilities access government benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) while supporting the charitable work of the Theresa Foundation (the “Foundation”).

The mission of the Theresa Foundation is to foster each child’s unique abilities by supporting programs focusing on art, music, dance, drama, and recreation.

The Theresa Pooled Trust allows seniors to access the Medicaid home care program without having to spend down their excess income. That excess income can fund their sub-account with the Theresa Pooled Trust. The funds in the sub-account can then be utilized for the benefit of the senior or person with a disability.

The Theresa Pooled Trust allows people with disabilities to access the Medicaid and SSI program by funding the Trust with their assets. The income and assets can then be used for living expenses and other expenditures which enhance the quality of life of the beneficiary.

The Theresa Foundation is the recipient of any unexpended funds held in the beneficiary’s sub-account upon their demise. These funds are then used to provide grants by the Theresa Foundation to organizations and agencies that support music, dance, art, and recreation programs in New York and throughout the United States.

The Theresa Foundation was established in memory of Theresa Alessandra Russo who was a child of Vincent and Susan Russo and sibling to Dante Russo, Elizabeth Einhart and Robert Russo. Since 1992, the Theresa Foundation has supported over 200 organizations and charities with grants in excess of $2,300,000.